Search engine optimization… SEO… Google ranking… Most people have heard these terms many times. Meanwhile, there are all the explanatory videos and tools on the net, which should support you with this. However, the majority of entrepreneurs in Austria still vote to leave this matter to experts. I also belong to this group and I am happy that I can tell you today about a particularly interesting interview with Christian Alber, CEO of Get on Stage GmbH in Austria.

"It doesn't help to have the most beautiful and coolest website if it is not
seen." This is a fact that is too often overlooked."


Christian, why doesn't everyone do SEO already?

The topic of search engine optimization currently unfortunately still has the reputation of an overpaid, unneeded position in the marketing calculation. Well-established companies in particular often believe that the current visibility ranking – mostly based on brand-only keywords – is perfectly sufficient.

But that is not true?

No, not at all. Search engine optimization is much more than just optimizing your own site for the major search engine operators like Google and Bing. Basically, a good position on Google is the real success factor in terms of new prospects and customers. A high position, displayed at the right moment for the searcher, is often seen as an indicator of a „recommendation“ from Google for one’s own search query.

How do you become more "visible"?

There are 3 important index factors: search volume, ranking and competition quotient. The search volume as a decisive factor for the classification of search terms (keywords) is used for the analytical classification and determination of the most important Google searches – always related to the focus clientele of the company (WHAT do MY customers enter on Google to find my services or products). The ranking is the respective image of the actual situation and shows as a numerical number the current position of the own company website in the Google search engine results. The competition, on the other hand, is a decisive factor for the feasibility of an optimization – here, the respective budget as well as the time factor often play a major role. As a rule of thumb, the larger the competition, the more complex the optimization.

What if everyone does it? After all, there are only a few positions on Google!

In fact, the number of results on Google – especially on the important 1st page – is limited (currently 10 „organic“ results). Conflicts and predatory competition are obviously preprogrammed here. But especially keywords that contain several single words (so-called long-tail keywords) as well as special search terms with medium search volume are often much easier to improve at the beginning of an optimization than short-syllable short-tail keywords (e.g. „computer“). With a well thought-out, holistic and long-term strategy, good to very good successes are possible even in areas that are being courted.

What should someone do who wants to use search engine optimization?

Very important factor: Recognize the status quo. With many tools and with some agencies even available free of charge is a current SEO analysis of their own website. Here, an important building block is examined from a technical point of view: Is my website even suitable for SEO? The background to this is a very strong focus by search engines on innovative, up-to-date and fast-loading websites. If necessary, focus on a relaunch or redesign first. If all the technical details fit, you can start with a definition of important keywords, the observation of the competition and a strategy creation. Then it’s mainly about… Writing, writing, writing. Not only since yesterday all search engines love an individual, unique and preferably high-quality content. With a large portion of drive, diligence and comfort, the first successes are visible in a foreseeable time. Continuous tracking using tools such as SEObility should also not be ignored. There’s nothing like a cold beer as a reward for jumping to the first page on Google!

Or I could just call you?

We would also be happy to assist you as a consulting and/or executing optimization agency. In the foreground of any collaboration with an SEO agency should be absolute transparency, ongoing reporting and regular, intensive communication. Because only an agency that knows the customer’s target group particularly well can also reach them by means of a sustainable SEO strategy.


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